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74''x88''x38 ''


1480 Liters




4 + 1 Seats
1 bed
3-4 seats

All the know-how of our Quebec factory! 

The O447 model is a family spa allowing you to take advantage of the 4-seat and 1-seat configuration.  elongated, without sacrificing its budget. Its 47 jets, powered by a 2-speed 4HP (7BHP) pump and an air pump (blower), will provide you with a tonic massage. It is a friendly, efficient spa with a very careful design. 

The O460 model equipped with 2 two-speed pumps, a blower and 60 jets, the O460 is a powerful, efficient and very relaxing spa. We particularly appreciate the leg massages, mixing both water jets and air jets. 

Its Canadian design, its efficient thermal insulation, will make it an ideal spa to be used all year round. Long live the spa in summer and winter!







Gecko is recognized worldwide for our expertise in the design, production and marketing of control systems, keypads, pumps and value-added accessories for spas such as audio system, wifi, disinfection, management of lights...


The integral structure of the spa is equipped with a 2 '' / 4 '' treated wood frame making it rot-proof. In addition, our spas are protected at the bottom by an ABS plate.


A sleek design in two tones of platinum and anthracite. A range of the most efficient jets. CMP Spectrum jets offer a wide variety of massages. Directional jets of course, but also Pro-Loc Roto, Pro-Loc Double Roto and Pro-Loc Rotopulse jets, allow the affected areas to be worked in very different ways. Combined with powerful pumps, these nozzles are extremely efficient. 


Our controllers combine design and precision. All our spa controllers (air, water, waterfall)  including the Be Lignt RGB lighting system.


This blanket made in Canada is because of its quality and its thickness a blanket intended for harsh winters and very hot summers it perfectly meets a perfect insulation complement for your spa.

Photo 06-03-2020 08 30 59.jpg

This system provides better frost resistance and allows the spa to be maintained over a long period in the event of a power cut. Because of its insulation on the walls, the spa will be able to recover energy from the pumps. With this system, no more costly electricity consumption.



Be Clear Salt disinfection system 

Be Clear generates and releases bromine in the water to eliminate microbiological contaminants, such as waterborne bacteria, algae, organic matter released by the body of swimmers, to provide a relaxing and pleasant bathing experience with each use .


Be Sound

Be Sound 2.0 
2 Hp Polyplanar 
1 Gecko K800 color keyboard

Be Sound 4.1 
4 Hp Polyplanar 
1 Subwoofer
1  Gecko K1000 touch keyboard 


Be Connect 2.0 WIFI system with notification 

The application  is available in two versions. The version  home allows you to control your spa using the local network. world allows you to use the Internet anywhere in the world to control your spa.

Be Light

Lighting of the 5 '' and 3 '' massage nozzles for an impressive light combines with the color of the knobs and the central light.

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