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With a very robust design and a high level of quality and finish, the Originale series has been designed to allow everyone to enjoy a high-quality spa.  quality at a very attractive price. 


All the know-how in terms of quality, innovation and design of our engineers is concentrated here. Thought out and designed on our production lines by passionate people who want to give meaning to the word perfection.


A spa with an impressive level of massage equipment makes this series a spa of unparalleled power with an awesome design.

Nos spas
IMG_0254 (Modifié).HEIC

Desires for relaxation and well-being? With Be Well, benefit from the advice and experience of a spa expert. Whether for an outdoor or indoor model.  Depending on your expectations, your available space and of course your budget, order the spa  that suits you. Be Well assures you total satisfaction. To do this, we provide you with many services and offer you many advantages. For your spa, have it delivered as soon as possible.
Your only priority: enjoy your wellness session without moderation! And also discover our products for spas and our accessories.


Canada manufacturer of high-end portable spa, we are pleased to present our range of products entirely manufactured in Quebec. Our team of engineers from different brands give us the benefit of unparalleled experience in both the aesthetic and technical fields. 

3 ranges of spas are available to you to be able to choose the spa that will be best suited to your home.

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